Organizational Behavior: Asda PLC And British Airways

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Organizational Behavior
Organizational Behavior is one of the main essential practices in present commercial domain. It is also reflected a continuing concern for commercial organizations. The final accomplishment or letdown of commercial firms is extremely affected by performs of organizational behavior. As the performance of the individuals employed in a business is considered as organizational behavior, so the attitude, style, aptitude, norms, beliefs, fashion and values of the individuals working in a business are the focal fact for investigating the Organizational Behavior.
Organization behavior is not an ancient subject but numerous principles, theories, frameworks and models are evolving to discourse the changing commercial
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In this assignment paper, organizational behavior associated matters will be discoursed on the base of two allocated organization named ASDA PLC and British Airways. With the help of those two organizations it is tried to see the practical situation of organizational behavior and the application of different theories and representations of organizational behavior. And also we can compare and contrast while evaluating the differences and distinguishes of performs between managers and workforces employed in those two organizations.

Task 1. Understanding the Relationship between Organizational Structure and Culture
Normally there is a nearby association among organizational structure and culture. Occasionally organizational structure provides the attitudes, norms and organizational culture. And it is likewise true that structure of the organization, most of the times, is extremely affected by the organizational structure. Nonetheless most prominently talking is that organizational structure mirrors the culture of the organization. As example, hierarchy, size, vision and mission, aims, goals, objectives mirror the culture of an organization.
P 1.1Comparison and contrast between the organization structure and culture of ASDA PLC to that of British
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