Organizational Behavior and Its Implications for Business at Google Inc

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Running Head: Organizational Behavior and its Implications for Business at Google Inc. Abstract This paper presents the organizational behavior practices and their implications for the business at Google Inc. It begins with a brief introduction to the company and its operational setup and other aspects. The main body of the paper discusses the company's efforts to strengthen its organizational behavior and culture. It highlights the major benefits and programs which are aimed to improve the employee morale and improve their performance at the workplace; the job characteristics model for Googlers; and gives a summary of organizational behavior, culture, diversity management, communication systems, and business ethics which are the part of Google's business strategies. The paper concludes by summarizing the implications of organizational behavior for Google's business. Introduction: Google Inc. Google Inc. is an American multinational corporation engaged in rendering Internet based services and manufacturing computer software and innovative smart phones. It is the world's largest search engine and internet advertising service provider. Headquartered in California, United States, Google serves billions of customers around the Globe. It offers a large array of products and services that meet all types of internet related needs of professionals, students, individual entrepreneurs, business entities, and governmental organizations (Google Inc., 2013). The History,

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