Google 's Legal And Ethical Controversy

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Defining Google’s Legal and Ethical Controversy
‘Just Google it’—a saying that has become an integral part of everyday vocabulary. The worlds most popular search engine can provide people, worldwide with access to information that otherwise would not be available. Whether you’re looking to find pictures of the Holi celebration in India or find a local NYC eatery where you can have brunch, with just a click of a button, Google always has an answer.
Despite the greatness that Google has brought to the world, on April 15, 2015 the European Union filed an Antitrust lawsuit against Google. The European Commission addresses four main areas of concern in Google’s operation: “potential bias in Google’s search results, scraping content from rival websites, agreements with advertisers that may exclude rival search-advertising services and contracts that limit marketers from using other platforms .” I feel that Google has the legal right to favor its own search results over its competitors and that it is ethical for Google to use its dominance of the search-engine market to its advantage.

Situation Analysis
Google is a technology company operating on a global level. It employs 32,000 employees and generates annual revenues of about $38 billion .
Google first came underfire for unfair competition concerns in the U.S. during 20132. Before the FTC conducted a through investigation, Google pledged to alter its business practices. Google’s agreement eased the Federal Trade

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