Organizational Management, Leadership, And Leadership

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Introduction The group submission for this week is a summary of five topics from Resilient Leaders that relate to Organizational Management and Leadership. The narrative concludes with three scriptures that group four feels sum up the responsibilities of a leader.
Five Topics The five topics that group four chose from Resilient Leaders that relate to Organizational Management and Leadership are selfless service, integrity, leading by example, vision, and traits of wise leadership.
Selfless Service. Dees (2013) stated, “resilient leadership is selfless service over time from a platform of character and competence.” Selfless service (servant leadership) is an important concept to Organization Management and Leadership. Selfless service is the foundation of servant leadership. Selfless service is one of the most important traits of a good leader. For an organization to thrive, it is important for a leader to serve their followers and place their needs before his needs. Servant leadership has a profound impact on employee empowerment by fostering an environment of empathy, awareness, healing, listening, stewardship and community awareness (Murari & Gupta, 2012). A selfless service leader can have mediating effects on both public service motivation and corporate social responsibility that assist the organization from both a community and goal attainment perspective (Tuan, 2016). Selfless service is “serving others without regard for self” (Dees, 2013). Naturally,…
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