Organizational Portfolio Management Process Project Management

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ORGANIZATIONAL PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT PROCESS Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is the management of one or more portfolios through evaluation, prioritization, selection, review, execution and monitoring of projects in the portfolio. The goal is to keep the portfolio(s) aligned with the vision, mission and strategic objectives of the organization while effectively and efficiently allocating internal resources to maximize the overall value to the organization. Because UPS has a very open and consensus based culture PPM is widely accepted as a management tool. Strategically, for UPS to be successful they must align portfolios with the organizational goals of providing logistic solutions, supply chain management, e-commerce and sustainability with the least amount of risk. To accomplish this UPS restructured their organization from a functional-based structure to one that is pure-process. Their processes focus on customer relationship-management, product management, package management, customer information-management and business information and analysis. UPS has a 12 member management team (Appendix A) who either singularly or in groups are responsible for providing oversight for portfolios in their area(s). Under each department 's leadership UPS has developed an excellent work environment, building effect teams that have motivated their employees to achieve the organizational objectives and goals. UPS operations are running on a highly centralized organization that this
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