Organizational Structure Of Medco Energi Company

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As the graph above, we can see that the the use of energy consumption is always increasing every year. It shows how improtant the industrial energy especially the Natural Gas for life activities (IHRDC Solutions, 2015). 2.3 Organizational Structure of Medco Energi Corporation The company was established as PT. Meta Epsi Pribumi Drilling Company in 1980 by Arifin Panigoro. It was the first wholly private-Indonesia-owned oil and gas drilling contractor. The company expanded in offshore drilling in 1991 and in oil exploration and production operations in 1992 (MedcoEnergi, Annual Report 1994, 1994). In 1994, the company changed it’s name to Medco Energi Corporation (The Company) and became a Public Company, the first oil company to be listed on Jakarta Stock Exchange. The company is part of the Medco…show more content…
There is miscommunication between them. It can be avoided if the decision maker cooperates with analyst or specialist to develop the basic model that can provide a crude but understandable analysis (Arsham H. , 1987). In determining the model, a good decison is resulted only by the outcome. In probabilistic model the decison maker is concerned not only with the outcomes but also the amount of risk each decision analysis carries. (Ben Haim, 2001). Uncertainty is the fact of business that can not be avoided. The concept of probability contributes important place in the decision making process, whether the problem is one faced in business and the environment of it such as the government, social sciences, and regulations. In very few decision making situations has perfect information – all the needed facts available. Most decisions are made under uncertainty. Probability enters into process by playing the role of subtitutes for certainty. (Golub,

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