Origin Of Evil

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Evil is the serial killer that relishes in every grimace, every scream, and every cry for mercy, the victims let out. Evil is an utter darkness, not a fleeting act of aggression, or a natural disaster or tragedy. While the origin of evil from religion includes many supernatural claims it also contains the basis for morality. Actual evil has multiple parts, or anything bad that happens would be categorized as evil. It is classified as aggression that manifests as violence against others. However, not all acts of violence and aggression are evil, for it to be evil, it must be premeditated, planned, not something that was done out of a blind rage or mental break. Finally, the biggest part is a lack of empathy for the violence. Anyone can make …show more content…

Soldiers normally act on orders, orders that are believed to be in service of their country, for the greater good. While disease and famine are grave misfortunes, and in many cases, can be prevented, neither is done intentionally to harm anyone. Furthermore, natural disasters such as tornados, tsunamis, and hurricanes are utter catastrophes nature is not evil.
When people hear the word evil frequently they think of the devil, Lucifer, and daemons, but many people do not realize that not only was Lucifer originally and angel so were all the daemons. God created all the angels in the same image, he created them good. They made themselves evil, just as all people are born good until life, circumstance, and pure choice turns them evil. People used religion to explain things that they did not have explanations for at the time, like mental illness was many times diagnosed as demonic possession.
Evil is not everything bad or misfortunate that happens in the world, it is something planned to purposely inflict harm on others. Although it might seem right to explain every misdeed as life is not that

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