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Original Writing: Short Story

The weather was not unusual this morning. London had just received her share of rain for the year. The sky hinted the existence of the sun but dark gray clouds seemed to quench even the hope of such a splendor. It is February, month of sweethearts, ice cold days, and even colder nights. The month that all of London hoped would come soon, for it would mark the soon end of winter, the end to hibernation, when boys could finally once again be boys.

Melanie loved the winter. She loved the sense of solitude it gave her. She loved its icy spell that it cast upon everything, how winter had such power. She loved how everyone had to listen to its howls, how it demanded
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Melanie, feeling a sense of adventure and fear, edged toward the figure in slow but strideful steps. In the dense fog she could barely make out it's shape. She began to trot to make up ground, her reddish-brown hair flinging from side to side. Melanie began to worry about her parents. She had questions of who this man was. Was he a salesman? Or maybe a friend of her parents? But it couldn't be she thought. They wouldn't come this early unless they wanted to be rude.

Melanie put her fears and her thoughts in the back of her mind. She would focus on the figure who was steadily escaping into the fog. As she came within 10 feet of the figure the fog seemed to get thicker as were the people on the sidewalk. The fog kept her from realizing that she was in a moderately congested business center a few blocks from her house. The fog seemed to engulf her and the man. She couldn't see 10 feet in front of her. She began to run toward the figure who was only visible by the coattails of his trench coat. As she approached them she reached to grab them but missed narrowly. The man didn't seem to suspect anything but Melanie still stayed at a cautious distance. She noticed his hands to be white in skin, hairy, and rough in texture.

Suddenly the man changed direction. He cut to the right in between two 1-story buildings. Melanie's fear grew as she swallowed the last drop of
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