Oscar Goerlitz Biography

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Another member of the Goerlitz is Erhard Oscar Goerlitz. He is grandson of Frank Christian Goerlitz, nephew to Christian Frank John Goerlitz, his cousin was William (Bill) Frank John Goerlitz and his father was Oscar Albert Goerlitz and mother was Emilie Eschberger who was the ninth child of Frank Christian Goerlitz. Erhard was born on January 19, 1919. In McDade which is in Bastrop county. He was born on a 300 acre farm which his grandfather Frank Goerlitz had purchased in 1883. This farm is two miles northeast of the town of McDade. On April 11, 1920 a little girl, named Alice Louise Smith was born on a farm two miles southwest of McDade, which would someday become his wife. Erhard’s father had just returned from service in the World War …show more content…

The wood was sold to the McDade Pottery Plant where he eventually went to work for one dollar a day. President Roosevelt raised the minimum was to twenty five cents an hour. When Erhard was 21 years old he worked on the U.S. highways. In 1941 all the boys were signing up to join the service and so did Erhard. Erhard volunteered for service during World War II. On August 13, 1941 Erhard married Alice Louise Smith and August 15, 1941 Erhard reported for military duty at Dod Field in San Antonio, Texas. From San Antonio Erhard was sent to a camp in Ft. Leonardwood, Missouri. (Research) It was here that Erhard completed his basic trainin and was put into the 110th Engineers. On December 4th, 1941, Erhard left Ft Leonwardwood for Little Rock Arkansas. When Pearl Harbor was bombed on December 7th, 1941, Erhard was sent to California where at fist the men slept on the beaches of San Francisco and San Diego. From there Erhard was sent to San Luis Obispo where a Japanese sub hit and oil well (Reseach) The 110th Engineers were sent Englewood, California and from there to Pasadena California and from there to Camp Stoneman. From Camp Stoneman the 110th Engineers left for overseas on July 28,

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