Othello Definition Of A Hero Essay

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Nowadays, society has evolved in different directions when it comes to defining a hero.
Some individuals may see a hero as someone who is known for their good deeds and remarkable super powers like the ones that are shown today in films. Even though, this can be true to a certain extent, these qualities are not the only ones that are used to compose the ideal hero. “As society has progressed throughout the years, the characterization of who a hero is has also transformed in terms of the protagonist itself.” (Heroes). During the 1600s, the protagonist was not seen as the hero of the play or poems like shown in William Shakespeare’s tragedy, “Othello” and the epic poem “Paradise Lost” written by John Milton.” Based on both of these literary selections, the heroes can be demonstrated by the villains Iago and Satan who in both the play and epic poem transformed the stereotype of the protagonist always being the hero to be false. As the tragedy play of “Othello” begins, …show more content…

Iago begins to mislead Rodrigo into believing that Cassio has an affair with Desdemona, and therefore, manipulates him to aggravate Cassio so he could leave the position Othello has granted him, while at the same time figuring out how to convince Othello that his wife is cheating on him. (Database Name). At a certain point Shakespeare guarantees to validate Iago’s actions, and for this reason, the audience can justify that his plan is acceptable because he did not get promoted to be a lieutenant, which he was worthy of. In this case, the way Iago presents the heroic values among society today would be by supremacy because although the plan is difficult to proceed he still managed to show that the ideal leader takes charge no matter the circumstance in that particular

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