Other Scenarios of Roderick Nash´s Essay Island Civiliation

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“It is a vision, a dream, if you prefer, like Martin Luther King’s, and it means clustering on a planetary scale.” (Nash) In Historian Roderick Nash’s essay entitled “Island Civilization: A vision for Human Occupancy of Earth in the Fourth Millennium,” Nash not only proposes the ideology of Island Civilization but also challenges readers to be informed of the rights of nature. Gaining insight on the options of preservation and nature from masterminds like John Muir, Henry David Thoreau, and Wallace Stegner. Nash devises a plan of action for Earth during the fourth millennium. Realizing the illustrate of our worlds “wilderness” Nash educates on the ways in which the natural world will evolve one thousand years from now. In the …show more content…

As other studies have shown, humans cannot go for more than 10 minuets without using technology. To remove ourselves of all the advanced technology on our age, should simply not happen. Most people would probably not comply with the guidelines of the future primitive. Nash’s final and perhaps most far fetched idea is “Island Civilization.” He explains taking human civilization away from the large majority of land and containing it into small portions of land, thus removing our presence from the majority of the planets soil to preserve e the wilderness. Nash’s ideas of air cities and underwater cities seem almost impossible. What really seems impossible is that Earth has about 7.2 billion people, and is rapidly growing. Somehow decreasing the birthrate with Nash’s idea, “Limiting (either politically and ethically or biologically with a chip implanted at birth) every woman to the use of one egg for reproduction would in a century bring things back into the balance that Island Civilization demands.” Nash fantasizes about the ideas of no war, no border disputes, and the return of great creatures such as matadors and saber-toothed tigers. One look at human history reveals that our very nature is to expand and desire more for ourselves, than extinct creatures have appropriately earned the title of extinct. “Of course a change like this one involves compromises with human

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