Otto Frank Essay

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On Anne Frank’s 13th birthday, she received a journal and immediately fell in love with it. Despite her loving family, numerous companions, and a throng of admirers, Anne felt that she has no true friends. Thus, Anne wanted “the diary to be my friend,” and named it Kitty. Anne dived into her journal by providing a brief description of her life, including the discriminatory behavior that Jews faced in Amsterdam. A month later, the Frank family was shocked when they received a call – up notice from the German SS for Margot (Anne’s older sister). Due to the call – up, the Frank family packed hurriedly and left a false note that they would be in Belgium. In actuality, they hid in a disused laboratory in Otto Frank’s (Anne’s father) office. Otto’s coworkers (Miep and Bep) were aware of the situation and provided food, clothing, and other necessities. Due to the increase in searches for Jews, Mr. Kugler, one of Otto’s colleagues, installed a bookcase at the entrance of the secret annex.…show more content…
There were already enough fights between Anne and her mother, Edith Frank but Mrs. van Daan made the situation worse. Anne fostered a strong dislike of Mrs. van Daan due to the fact that Anne believed that Mrs. van Daan was too talkative and extremely petty. Furthermore, Mrs. van Daan had a habit of complaining about Anne and flirting with Otto Frank. During this time, Anne faced the brunt of nitpicking by the Frank and van Daan family because Margot was considered the “perfect child” and Peter van Daan was extremely shy. However, these small squabbles were resolved and the two families maintained their platonic yet strained relationship. Throughout this period, Anne began to study various subjects including French, history, and mathematics. In her journal, Anne delved into various aspects of her daily life, including the bathing system, food rationing, and current
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