Otto Schulze : A Poet Of Franz Schubert

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Ernst Schulze
A poet of Franz Schubert
Franz Schubert had an enthusiasm for the poetry of Ernst Konrad Friedrich Schulze (1789-1817). Schulze 's poems have a recurring theme of erotomania, defined as a being an excessive sexual desire or a delusional belief that one is the object of another person 's love or sexual desire. This gives us significant insight into the source of his inspiration for his works and adds an interesting side of Schulze as a man. In his poetry, Schulze’s most personal experiences and life history are incorporated into his works. It has been argued that Schubert was attracted to Schulze’s works because of their comparably similar lifestyles. With his mother’s passing from tuberculosis when he was two years old, Schulze was raised by his Father, the Mayor of Celle, and educated by his two grandfathers whose professions were a bookseller and a minister. Schulze studied Theology, followed by Philosophy, literature, and aesthetics and received his doctorate in 1812. As a youth, he had been described as having no discipline and quite obstinate. This resulted in him leading a double life as a risk-taker with his schoolmates, yet quiet and bookish at home. His family thought he would surely become a pastor, but after his sexual awakening at age fourteen, sacred lifestyle was no longer appealing to him. We have gained most of our information about Schulze’s life from a unique diary that he wrote just for Adelheid Tychsen, the unfortunate women that held…
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