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To Chris Pike Manager, Ottershaw Branch, Zinn’s Burgers and Pizza From Date 29 May 2012 REPORT ON CURRENT PROBLEMS AND POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS AT OTTERSHAW BRANCH OF ZINN’S BURGERS AND PIZZA Contents 1.0 Introduction Page 3 2.0 Analysis and Identified Problems Page 4 - 6 2.1 STEEP Analysis Page 4 2.2 SWOT Analysis Page 5 2.3 Discussion of Identified Problems Page 6 3.0 Recommendations Page 6 4.0 References Page 7 1.0 Introduction The Ottershaw branch of Zinn’s Burgers and Pizza is experiencing problems with declining sales, food wastage, high staff turnover, and low employee morale, along with difficult…show more content…
3.0 Recommendations My recommendations are as follows: · The Operations Manual needs to be used to train all staff and inform them of company policies, expectations and procedures in order to accomplish consistency in product and service standards. · There needs to be an upgrade in the physical infrastructure in public areas as well as with kitchen equipment to improve the attractiveness of the restaurant and improve production and product quality. · Menus need updating with the inclusion of healthy options to reflect changing eating trends. · Salary improvements with the aim of attracting more mature and long-term staff. · Consultation and communication with staff regarding changes and improvements in order to improve the relationship with management as well and the feeling of being involved. · Offer incentives to the staff for reduction in wastage and improvement in sales similar to those offered to management. 4.0 References Preston, D. (2006) B120 Book 1 An Introduction To Business, Milton Keynes, The Open University, [p30 SWOT Analysis] TMA 01 PART II What I learnt in Activity 1.3 In TGF Activity 1.3 I learnt that the size of a business is an important factor to consider. The methods of implementing change within an international company with branches in different countries are different to that of a smaller company. It was also suggested that change should start

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