Our Current Unit With The Play Romeo And Juliet By William Shakespeare

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Our current unit with the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, we are exposed to multiple perspectives on love and marriage. To further explore these perspectives and ideas, I’ve interviewed two people about true love. My friend Brian Penna 15, shared his point of view on love and told his experience of what love is to him in his interview. My mom, Maria Navarro 36, describes the perspective that she has kept through her life and marriage on love. In a few ways, their perspectives on love compares with ideas present in Romeo and Juliet. Love, though expressed and interpreted in different ways, it nonetheless impacts each of one of us.

Brian Penna, student in high school, was eloquent in describing how he feels about love. As stated in his interview he spoke of how his view on love was influenced by those around him. ” When I was little,” he said, “ I thought it was yucky...but as I got older… I kinda saw everyone getting into couples… and I wanted to get into a relationship..” Then he mentioned how true love, according to him, is, “when you can trust the person a lot.. and you feel comfortable being yourself around them...they care about you like you were family… they just make you feel comfortable around them or on whatever you do and they have so much faith in you, that you can do anything…”. Brian talks of how true love brings comfort and faith with each other. He also adds that with his girlfriend they feel as if they were each other’s best friend. He stated,…
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