Essay on Our Topic is Forgiveness

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Once, a long, long time ago, there was a small kingdom. Inside this kingdom, was the king's tower, a blacksmith, a market, a farm and a small village. In this village, was a man, who created plenty of mischief. His name was Andrew. He lived with his family. Deviously, Andrew had committed many crimes but mostly stealing. One Sunday morning, while the massive church bells were ringing, he exclaimed, "By golly I am so bored like a pickle on Sundays that today I might just walk into the church and listen to the priest to see what it is liked!" He pondered this for a few seconds, "Forget the 'I might'!" He exclaimed, "I will!" Then he quickly walked out his door and headed towards the church in this small kingdom. He walked into the church, …show more content…

"I guess I will never lead a normal life ever again," whispered Andrew. "Bye-Bye," Andrew tearfully mumbled, "I will miss you. As night fell, Andrew searched for shelter. After a while, he found a cave and huddled into it. While he caught his breath, he noticed strange glow coming from deeper inside the cave. Since he was not sleepy, he decided check it out. The tiny glow grew brighter and brighter and Andrew intrepidly kept advancing forward until he rounded the corner. "Wow!" shouted Andrew, jumping back with amazement. It was a golden lamp, which was very dusty. Andrew was amazed. Andrew walked up to the lamp, picked it up, and rubbed it to clean the dust off; not knowing what would happen if he rubbed it. Suddenly, steam started rising from the front of the lamp. Amazingly, pictures started to form in the steam. First, it showed his family, weeping and crying because Andrew had left. Second, it showed many guards looking for him. Then a voice behind Andrew declared, "Will you return?""Yes," replied Andrew, "I will." As soon as he reached the small kingdom he immediately asked everyone for forgiveness, and everyone forgave him.

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