Out Of School Suspension Essay

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With a mission statement such as this, why would a school district continue to implement discipline to the students that harms the educational process? The answer is bureaucracy. School districts are a bureaucracy and they want to remain in power. Administrators, board members, and trustees stick together in hopes to preserve the bureaucracy. Regardless, out of school suspension is shown to be ineffective at remedying an insubordination student, used unfairly against minorities, and harmful to a student’s learning (Blomberg). On Feb. 10th 2017, I was suspended from my high school for 35 school days for helping my friends purchase fake IDs. I am about halfway done with my suspension and I can first hand see how harmful it has been on my…show more content…
Department of Education). This is an outrageous statistic. Rob Horner, a professor of special education at the University of Oregon said that “If you're suspending a third of the kids, that's a huge loss in educational minutes.” A school district thinks they are solving a problem by suspending a student; however, in reality they are doing the opposite. A UCLA study conducted in California found that in 10th graders, only 71% of those that have been suspended graduated two years later. Not only do the taxpayers have to pay to send a student to alternative education, which is over $100 each day the student is there, but they also end up paying for government funding to support the individual once they drop out and apply for welfare. “For example, it's been estimated that the average high school dropout generates $168,880 in losses to federal, state and local governments over the course of a lifetime (Kamenetz).” Clearly suspensions are not effective if they result in dropouts and increased school
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