Out, Out by Robert Frost

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Robert Frosts poem “Out, Out,” paints a strange and bizarre death image to readers; A young boys death due to a carnivorous chainsaw who sought blood, slicing the boys hand off. Robert makes readers understand why he would paint such a tragic accident with various narrative elements, such as personification, many signs of imagery, emotions, and perceptions throughout the story. Also, Frost references William Shakespeare’s work, “Macbeth.” This gives readers who have read Macbeth before, an idea of what’s to come in the end of the poem, the feeling of sadness and death. This analysis will show the main theme of the boys death, who died doing the work of a man. Robert Frost starts out by showing readers the year and location; 1945, New England, Vermont. This is the period where World War I occurs, however, Frost does not describe the land destroyed and covered with dead bodies, instead Vermont is a place where exists; “Five Mountain ranges one behind the other under the sunset far into Vermont.” This makes readers understand that this place is located in a beautiful place out in the wilderness away from war. The location is very significant to the story, I have done a bit of research about Frosts life; Frost was forced to return to America due to the war in 1915, a war that would have killed hundreds of innocent little boys. With this being said, the reader now understands why the boy in the poem is located in a place like Vermont in a time of war, and why the boy in the
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