Outliers, By Malcolm Gladwell

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Outliers, a statistical observation that is markedly different in value from the others of the sample. This basically states that anything that lies outside of the norm is an outlier. In the book Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell he focuses on the different set of skills, timing, background, and effort a successful person needs to have in order to become successful. Unlike most books or biographies that write about the intelligence and ambition of an individual, this book looks around the individuals, instead of directly at them. Gladwell look at the outliers of these individuals, and determines how they have become successful, either by their skill, their luck, their effort, and their whole background and what lies around them. Gladwell had several ideas he had based people’s successes on, one of which were their skills. He focused on whether a person was capable of being successful in their career path. Not just their IQ, or their ability to perform a task well, but whether their social skills were also capable or not. Gladwell states that it is not possible to make it far alone, so he would check to see if an individual wasn’t an awkward loner who excelled in only academically. Gladwell would not only look at SAT scores and how well they did in school, but look at how creative or innovative an individual was. Another concept that Gladwell looked at was the timing of their birth, or the importance of their birth. Gladwell was able to look at the trends and how well one was

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