Outline And Outline Of A Thesis Essay

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1. Thesis: I think your thesis is strong and obvious throughout your paper. So I don’t think that will be something you need to change dramatically. Instead, I think the main thing you should focus on for Draft 2 is organizing your paper so it is all supporting information for your thesis. In both your background and analysis section, ask yourself whether the information is there to support your thesis or whether it a secondary point. If it is a secondary point, then I probably wouldn’t include it.

2. Organization: I would encourage you to try and increase your use of both umbrella paragraphs and topic/thesis sentences. Generally, at the beginning of each section or subsection, you should have an umbrella/roadmap paragraph to explain what is to come. That way a reader really understanding where you are going and how things fit together. Same with topic/thesis sentences. From a structural point of view, your background may end up being a bit long. You want your background to be shorter than your analysis section. At your current fourteen pages, you may want to watch out for the background section overshadowing the analysis section. I think there is some room to cut, but you are going to have to figure out what it ends up being important to your thesis, and what is noise that is only related to your thesis.

3. Background: I think you are off to a good start with your background section. I would consider providing more organization or context for the section on the PLCAA. As

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