Outline Of A Proposal For Lighting

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Bailey Campbell
Kara Kenan
Proposal for Lighting
4 October 2015

Ability grouping is when children are placed into one classroom or in groups based on their ability. The classroom may contain children with a wide range of ability. Children can move in and out of groups as needed. The flexibility of grouping allows the needs of the students to be better met. Each member of a particular group is normally on the same level. Teachers can provide each group of students with specific work designed to challenge them at their specific level. Students are assigned to groups based on how they do in school such as their grades in a subject, results on standardized testing, and performance in class. Even though many people are against ability grouping, it should be practiced in schools because it can help students excel, teachers can devote more time with students , and students can work at their own pace. Ability grouping can help students excel in their academic studies. Students may feel rushed and then they will not be able to fully understand the concept they were taught, or students will feel as if they are waiting forever to move on to a new concept. An example of this is, “Children may be assigned to different groups for reading and math, and can switch groups if they have shown progress, struggle to get along with other students in a group or need extra help with a particular lesson” (Yee). Being put into one group doesn’t mean the students can not move into the other

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