Outline On Homelessness

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Heading home from a long day’s work. The traffic light turns red. Waiting for the light to turn green, to the left a man with a sign walking up and down the curb. “Homeless and Hungry,” “Will Work for Shelter,” or “Homeless Need Help” are just a few notes jotted on cardboard to get drivers attention. Homelessness has the ability to affect a number of people on a daily basis. According to National Health Care of the Homeless Council, n.d. (NHCHC), “there is more than one official definition of homelessness”. Needless-to-say, those who lack a fixed and adequate residence can become homelessness. These situations can make the social problem bigger than it should be in conjunction with structural factors, affordable house, and traumatic actions will help miss the mark.
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Structural factor:
Structural factors have the ability to influence homeless by the rising and falling of governmental policies. The loss of jobs, personal disabilities and lack of affordable housing has the ability contribute to the homeless population.
a. Loss

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