Outraged, Dictated and Dishonored

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Outraged, Dictated and Dishonored. This was the state of two young blood Pakistanis, stranded under the dominion of a suppressive leader. Unable to curtain their love for music and the torment of living under despotism, they lay off on a journey that broke all barriers of oppression and hate. Developing into the greatest rock band the world has ever seen. The most significant conflict in the universe right at present may not be between radical Islam and the West but between Islam and itself. Moderates and extremists are vying for influence and power in this ancient tradition, and perhaps nowhere is that struggle more evident, than in my opinion, it is in Pakistan. Pakistan, known as an Islamic country was torn aside by the stresses of modernity and fundamentalism. Mullahs living in this country consider themselves truly religious and they feel that other people should share their views and religion. Moreover, they also criticized music as harmful to religion and at the same time it is disallowed in Islam. In the name of faith, they have created this confusion between what is cultural and what is spiritual. In the thick of this maelstrom, a band named Junnon was formed. Not alone did they just write and do random songs, but also raised both spiritual and social questions through their songs. They have managed to transcend politics, culture and religion all through the help of music. Breaking backward in history, during Zia-UL-Haq’s presidential period, being an artist or
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