Austin Iannitti Isis : Our Biggest Threat

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Austin Iannitti ISIS: Our Biggest Threat Period 2 Mr. Danforth Music is often said to connect people to each other and have positive effects on people. However, what happens when the music talks about a much darker topic? An example of this type of song is "American Terrorist" by Lupe Fiasco. In the song, Lupe Fiasco sings about "a smallpox blanket to keep us warm/On a 747 on the pentagon lawn/Wake up the alarm clock is connected to a bomb/Anthrax lab on a West Virginia farm" (Fiasco, 8-11). Lyrics like this seem harmless, until they come a reality. This reality is the horror we have faced for awhile now in this country, terrorism. In this paper, my focus is on ISIS and how dangerous their current recruitment of US citizens truly is. Terrorism is such a broad and controversial topic that it would be nearly impossible to properly write about it in 5-6 pages. That is why the specific topic of ISIS and their recruitment of US citizens is much more fitting. Many people have different opinions on how to handle terrorists and the war on terrorism, but not many people will defend terrorism. Most of those who do are either terrorists themselves or terrorist-sympathizers. There are about 12 recorded Americans who have joined ISIS in Syria and Iraq, but it 's said that the number could be closer to 300 US citizens (Ybarra, "Intel Believes 300

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