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When one thinks of an Ohio State University student, they might first think of an Ohio resident, or maybe someone from another Midwestern state such as Michigan, Illinois, or Indiana. The student that comes to mind is most likely a white, 18-22 year-old athlete who is a part of Greek life. However, one of their recent recruiting videos appeals to students who do not fit these demographics. This video can be found on Ohio State University’s Youtube page, titled “Ohio State National TV Commercial.” It is unique because it attempts to appeal to students who may not consider OSU, such as international or non-traditional students, or perhaps students of color. The video begins with a quick shot of about ten to fifteen students, each …show more content…

An aerial shot of the Ohio State football stadium comes on screen with a dark green color scheme similar to the one in the previous scene, but slightly lighter to suggest that it is now early morning. The camera cuts to a few shots of people, mostly men of various races, in crew uniforms working on a white race car with the Ohio State logo on the hood. The man in the voice-over says, “...with a team that shared diverse ideas and expertise.”
An aerial shot of birds flying over Kampala, Uganda comes onto the screen. The man is now wearing a nice suit and speaks confidently to a conference room full of people about a bright yellow smart car model on the screen next to him. There is a shot of his hands working on a small car part in an office. The man says, “Now, I’m home building more sustainable vehicles and a new industry for my country.” Then, the man looks out a large, clear glass window. His name, Dennis Kibalama, pops up onto the screen next to him in a white, bolded, professional font. Below his name the screen says, “Engineer. Environmentalist. Driving Economic Growth.” The man turns and walks away as the screen closes out into a white screen featuring the Ohio State logo.
This video comes from the official Ohio State University Youtube page and was published on August 17, 2017, so it can be safely assumed that it came directly from Ohio State itself. Ohio State University is quite largely known for their football team and also

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