Overcoming Failures In Life

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“How did you overcome your failures in life?” was a question I was asked. I made plenty of mistakes in life but one thing I can say is I learned from my mistakes and I am trying my best now not to make the same mistakes I have made. I have been in different experiences that caused me to learn from my mistakes. Some experiences I’ve been in is dealing with is my ex-boyfriend who wasn’t treating me nice , friends and family walk over me, and how I wasn’t trusting God when I needed to be trusting him. I didn’t have no choice but to learn from these mistakes and get myself together. While dealing with these mistakes I had to lift my head up through the pain and decided to do better. I felt if I didn’t learn from my mistakes then I would be a failure in life and it will bring me down in depression.
One of the mistakes I was dealing with was my ex-boyfriend wasn’t treating me right. There would be days he go without talking to me or he would always put work first because he was a music producer. For some reason I loved him so much that I kept trying to talk to him to make it work and have a better relationship with communication, but it didn’t work out like that. He would constantly do things like ignore my messages, not come around my family, and say that he is tired. I was fed up and I wanted to leave him so bad but I could not because I had so much love for him. The more I stayed in the relationship the more I was hurting and getting betrayed more. I stayed in this relationship
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