Overcoming Obstacles In Everyday Life

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In our everyday life we are thrown with obstacles therefore most people try to go around them. However I think it’s just a matter of wanting to overcoming them. In the world we live in today there advantages and disadvantages we just have to make the best of the good and bad that come with it. No matter what the case may be, there nothing worse than not wanting to make the best of it. Everyone always says “ If they throw you lemons, make a lemonade.” What they are referring to is that no matter what the circumstance is you can turn it into something positive. For example, I have a little cousin who has cancer well actually had she is cured now. She was a normal seven year old little girl, however when she started getting older she started developing cancer. It was tough for her, because while other kids were out playing she had to be in a hospital getting treatment. Also my uncle's didn't have it easy either, because they had to see their little girl fighting cancer. However as the years went on with…show more content…
They may ask them self “Why try I don't want to be reminded of something hard in my life" or “There is never anything good about facing an obstacle. "For example, my brother when he was little he jumped into the car without him knowing that it was on. So he was playing and eventually the car started moving and he had a huge crash. He was only five and now he is 17 he still faces that obstacle today. Consequently, he doesn't even drive and get scared all the time of getting in, yet he just hides from it instead of overcoming the obstacle. As a result, we should never let some obstacle keep us from not facing obstacles. So as the years go by we are thrown with obstacle we just have to learn to overcome them and find the best of them. Just like one day Tommy Newberry said ,“Obstacles are the raw materials of great
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