Overcoming Racism And Discrimination That Has Affected Asian And Native Americans

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Overcoming Racism and Barriers to Counseling in Asian and Native Americans Both Asian Americans and Native Americans have faced oppression and discrimination for over two-hundred years (Hays and Erford, 2014). In this paper, I will identify how a counselor can reduce the effects of racism and discrimination that has affected Asian and Native Americans. Additionally, I will address what role a counselor plays in reducing the stigma of mental illness within both Asian and Native American’s community. Furthermore, I will highlight how the reading material from your textbook aligns with the issues presented in the videos, Asian American/Pacific Islanders and Mental Health and The Mental Health of Native Americans as well as how these issues …show more content…

In my opinion, one way to reach Asian Americans is to meet with the Asian church leaders and attend services to build rapport within the community. Furthermore, in the Asian community, a counselor can connect those in need with resources such as language or employment services (Hoang, 2008). Native Americans acculturate on different levels, from non-English speaking and traditional to fully immersed into the United States norms (Hays and Erford, 2014). Like Asian Americans, Native Americans also value to mind-body, harmony, and balance spiritual beliefs (Hays and Erford, 2014). Moreover, Native Americans show respect to their Native elders, not unlike the Asian’s familial respect for the elderly family members (Hays and Erford, 2014). In my opinion, one way to reach Native Americans is in the form of elementary school outreach directed at Native American children. A counselor could discover a resource they need and help the family attain help. Even though Native Americans may distrust the Caucasian race, with purposeful, genuine caring and the desire to help cannot be overlooked.
Textbooks Readings and Videos
The material in our textbook goes into detail regarding both Asian and Native American history, what laws affected the groups, culture, acculturation, and guidelines for counseling both populations. The

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