Overfalls Of The Tragic Downfall Of Oedipus The King

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Oedipus: Tragic Downfall In the story Oedipus The King by Sophocles, the main character, Oedipus, had many flaws that lead him to a tragic and hard hitting downfall. A tragic hero always has a hubris that takes him down in the end, but Oedipus had more than just one. Out of his many flaws, a few of them stuck out more than others. His problems made him push himself to the end of his reputation as a hero. Oedipus was Impatient, would not take advice, and made very quick decisions. Oedipus had many problems, but one of the more evident problem was his completely impatient and often violent actions. An example would be when Oedipus threatened the shepherd and exclaimed, “If you don't speak willingly, we shall see if pain can make you speak.” (66) this quote illustrates how violent oedipus was when he wanted to get his way. His actions were irrational and too quick, they caused him more trouble. He could have been patient and had a conversation but because he was too busy forcing the shepherd to give him the answers that he was so determined to get. If he was patient he may have saved himself from the pain that he ended up in after he realized his true family and his real past. Oedipus was very impatient, his choices were unthoughtful. Tying in to the last paragraph, Oedipus’ quick and thoughtful choices made his downfall very hard hitting and fast, like a slap in the face. An example would be when Oedipus stabbed himself in the eyes with pins and cried out, “The horrors I

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