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I decided to write my paper on the problem of overpopulation because of two main reasons, the first being that it has a massive impact on our environment, the more people there are the more pollution that is created and the more resources that need to be used. The second reason, is because I feel that one big way this problem could be managed is by educating women, which is something that I feel could solve many problems around the world. I believe education in general about any topic would help make people see how big of an impact we all make on the environment.
The Big Picture Overpopulation is related to, more or less, every environmental issue that is going on today. With more people living on the Earth, the more resources
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From 1950 to 2005 the Earth’s population has risen from 2.5 billion to 6.5 billion according to the Population Reference Bureau. One of the first people to say that human population growth is not always a good thing was Thomas Malthus. In 1968 Paul Ehrlich wrote a book called The Population Bomb, which rose awareness on the possible impact of a rapidly growing human population. When this book was written the thought of controlling the population was not a popular opinion, and not all of the predictions he made in this book happened, but that does not change the fact that the quickly growing population has a big impact on our environment. The reason why the population is growing more rapidly than it was in the past is because the death rates are now lower than the birth rates. Because medical care has advanced and people are becoming more sanitary with their food, water, and living spaces, this has caused the death rate to go down and now people live longer than they used to. For example, during the 19th century the vaccination for smallpox helped the infant mortality rate to go down. Therefore, since the number of people dyeing is going down, but the birth rate is still going up, there is a large increase in the population size. Also, a growing populations leads to the growing number of people that can reproduce also increasing the population.
There were several people during the 19th century

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