Overpopulation Is A Serious Problem

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There are many threats to global health in today’s world but the one that seems to be the greatest threat to the entire world is overpopulation. Overpopulation is a serious problem that is having an extreme effect on the health of every citizen of every country. The problems caused by overpopulation could even prove to be a fatal epidemic to the human population. Oftentimes overpopulation is overlooked due to a lack of knowledge or simply because many government officials have dismissed overpopulation and call it a myth. Overpopulation is an enormous and serious global problem that needs to be taken seriously in order to analyze the issues and create solutions to provide a better way of life and ensure that everyone is able to live a healthy life not only today but in the future as well.
The definition of the word overpopulation means that the number of things that depend on resources for survival is significantly larger than the amount of resources available to them (Busman, “Overpopulation: The World’s Problem”). In today’s world people are experiencing the effects of overpopulation run rampant because of a lack of population control and a lack of proper contraceptives in countries like India (Busman, “Overpopulation: The World’s Problem”). Year after year the population multiplies faster and faster resulting in exponential growth. Currently the world’s population is growing by 80 million people a year (“World Population Clock Projection”). Presently, there are about 7
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