Overview of Antisocial Personality Disorder

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Can antisocial personality disorder affect the life of a person with this diagnostic and their family members? In general, personality’s disorders affect the overall social functioning of a person, by eluding and eliminating any type of socialization; moreover, in the case of a chronic mental condition as an antisocial personality disorder the person with this diagnostic ways of thinking, perceiving situations and relating to others are negative and dysfunctional, affecting their positive and harmless interaction with others. Besides, those with antisocial personality disorder have the tendency to provoke, to manipulate, or to treat others bitterly or with complete indifference. They may have the tendency to broke the law, or get in frequent trouble, without any type of regret. Also, they probably have the tendency to give false testimonies, to be violent, to be impulsive, and to have the tendency for the use of drugs and alcohol. Finally, the combination of all the typically characteristics of a person with a diagnostic of antisocial personality disorder make this person unable to accomplish any type of task associated to family, work or school. The antisocial personality disorder diagnostic affect the overall life’s quality of a person and their family members, for these reasons is very important that everybody, including the affected person and family members, to recognize and understand the signs, symptoms, possible causes, treatments, and predisposition, of this
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