Ownership And Organizational Structure Of Sukhoi

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Ownership and Organizational structure
3.1, Ownership of Sukhoi Company
Based on the rules of organizational structure, there are a number of owners that is organizations that owns the stocks of the company as well as make decisions hiring directors. Moreover, shareholders can sell the stocks in case they need more money or when they are disappointed from the company. However, there are a majority of companies where the job as purchasing the stocks of the company is almost impossible as Sukhoi aircraft holding Company. Due to the fact that Sukhoi is Russian`s aircraft manufacturer Company, it is the publicly held company. Therefore, owners of the company are organizations and corporations. According to 31 December 2011 year the Russian Federation
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The directors are answerable to the stockholders, for this reason annually the organization hold general meeting at which the boards have to provide a report to stockholders on the execution of the organization. Slyusar Yuri Borisovich is right now the president of the board of directors of the Sukhoi Company. General Director of Sukhoi Company Ozar Igor Yakovlevich. Other members of the board of directors of Sukhoi Company are:
Konosov Sergey Nikolaevich - Director for corporate property relations of PJSC "UAC"
Demidov Alexey Vladimirovich - Vice-President for Economics and Finance of PJSC "UAC"
Perekrestov Vladimir Vasilyevich - Adviser to the General Director of C7 Group of Companies CJSC
Khramagin Sergey Nikolaevich - General Director, Member of the Board of Directors of PJSC "GTLK
Masalov Vladislav Evgenievich - President of JSC "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft"
Zingman Vadim Yakovlevich - Deputy General Director for Customer Relations, PJSC Aeroflot

All these members of the board of directors were selected by the shareholders of the company in annual general meeting of “Sukhoi Company” on June 28, in
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