Service Request SR-rm-022 Final Essay

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Service Request SR-rm-022 Final Sharon Foreman, PhD. BSA/375 3/13/15 Trisha Carter Service Request Part 1 With having plastic manufacturer facilities in areas such as China, Michigan, and Georgia; Riordan Manufacturing has produced annual earnings over forty six million. Riordan also has a research and development department over in San Jose California. Riordan Industries are the sole owner of Riordan Manufacturing and they are one of the Fortune 1000 enterprises with their worth being more than one billion. With having facilities in areas all over the US and even China, Riordan proves that they are a successful business. Key Stakeholders CEO Dr. Michael Riordan is one key stakeholders within the company who is also the founder…show more content…
Project Scope The effect of integrating a new system, agreeing, and understanding a new project in the company or a new system is project scope. It is mandatory that everyone understands how and why the company will improve from upgrading to a new system. Agreeing what is best for the company and why it is important to update the system is also a must. It is important to a company for project scope because it can deal with everyone that is in the company and make sure that everyone is on the same page. Service Request Part 2 Riordan Manufacturing wants to integrate its existing HR information system tools to a single integrating application. This request of service is interested in defining business requirements for completion of the HR system for obtaining the objective. Security controls that we recommend for the design for the HR systems, process design, and application architecture are the requirements for this project. Application Architecture Three fundamental application architectures are client-server based architecture, client based architecture, and server based architecture. Riordan Manufacturing HRIS is going to implement will be 3 tier client server architecture. This will encompass the 3 groups of computers; database server, application server, and clients. The client is responsible for the presentation login and the

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