Ownership Is Important To Me

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Ownership can mean different things to different people. You can own animals, objects, and some may even argue that you can “own” people (a significant other, family, etc). The things that I own either mean a great deal to me, or it’s just a nice thing to have. Some things I would mourn if lost, others I would shrug my shoulders and move on with life. Three things that mean a great deal to me are my snakes, my Alien axe, and a particular music box I received many Christmases ago, back when I was eight years old.

Two of my most prized possessions are two of my favorite pets, Euphy and Fred, otherwise known as Euphymia and Ferdinand. The pair of them are ball pythons. Euphy, my female, was my very first snake, and is now three years old. Ferdinand is a more recent addition, a gift to my girlfriend who wanted an adult ball python. He was far larger than we had anticipated, but he’s a very friendly, sweet snake; everyone who meets him seems to love him. While I love my other pets (two rabbits, a wide variety of fish, an obnoxious dog called Koda, who was also a gift for my girlfriend, turkeys, and a couple of cats) the two who I feel the most for, and would probably miss the most, are my ball pythons, Fred and Euphy.

My next favorite possession is my Alien axe. It’s green and black, and has the Alien Queen …show more content…

It was a gift from my mother when I was eight years old, on Christmas. I was eight, so I asked for a jingle bell off of Santa’s sleigh for Christmas; very “Polar Express”, right? Anyway, the music box came with a heartfelt letter explaining why he couldn’t spare a jingle bell, but instead was giving me this music box out of his own personal collection. The music box has got a little train that goes around and around, and it’s a Christmas tree that flips open. It plays Silent Night. It just has a lot of sentimental value to me, and that’s why it’s my

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