Durham International Manufacturing Company Essay

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Supply Chain Management Supply change management (SCM) is active in many organizations today. The purpose of SCM is to maximize the company value in order maintain a competitive advantage in the market place. As an Operational Managers (OM) it is essential to oversee the supply chain within an organization. The OM responsibility is to manage the supply chain flow, and to ensure the supply chain has a quality design in order to reduce cost and drive efficiency. (Reid & Sanders, 2010) An organization supply chain includes activities such as product development, sourcing, productions, logistics, material, and other information systems needed to coordinate the movement of goods from suppliers to manufactures, and to final customers. …show more content…

(10 x 12 = 120 local distributors) In addition, the 120 local distributors then supply an average of 35 retailers for a total of 4200 retailers. (120 x 35 = 4200 retailers). (Reid & Sanders, 2010) Discuss the advantages that DIMCO can gain by implementing supply chain management. DIMCO may gain many advantages by implementing supply management chain. Implementing SCM can reduce problems within the company’s internal functions, external suppliers, and external distributors. Some advantages DIMCO can gain from implementing SCM are as follows; the supply chain would improve the quality of service to the end user; reduce channel cost; and create a competitive advantage. (Reid & Sanders, 2010) The implementations of SCM will strengthen DIMCO partnership with suppliers and distributors. Supply chain management can also prevent such challenges such as the bullwhip effect, caused by erratic replenishment of orders placed on different levels in the supply chain that have no apparent link to final product demand. (Reid & Sanders, 2010) An effective and efficient SCM will allow partners to share information concerning health, safety, government regulations and environmental issues. SCM will provide a common network for communications, suggestions, and feedback. This will assist DIMCO in meeting the need of customers quickly and in an efficient manner. Overall, SCM would assist in

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