Oxidation Of Hydrocarbon Essay

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2.2 Experimental Method
Numerical experimental facilities can be used to investigate the oxidation of hydrocarbon, including the JP-8 surrogates. While different facilities have their own advantages on different research with wide ranges of temperature, pressure and residence time, every single research on various facilities is necessary to depict the whole hydrocarbon oxidation mechanism of JP-8 surrogates. In this chapter, a brief review of each of these facilities is described below
2.2.1 Pressure Flow Reactor
In the pressure flow reactor (PFR) method, premixed hydrocarbon/oxidizer gases continuously flow into the reactor and the products continuously flow out the reactor to investigate the effects of pressure, temperature and residence
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Lenhert (2004) conducted the experiment of n-dodecane in the PFR facilities. The oxidation of n-dodecane in the low and intermediate temperature regime can produce broad array of hydrocarbons species. The identified species indicates significant insight into the oxidation mechanism. Compared the experimental results to a lumped model by Ranzi and Faravelli (Agosta et al., 2004), the experimental results suggest several changes to the mechanism that could improve its accuracy. Firstly, the experiment results suggest that a C6 radical species should replace the current C7 radicals. Secondly, the very low carbon balance suggests that C12 oxygenates are likely formed although the mechanism assumes that no conjugate alkenes of n-dodecane are formed. Lenhert also conducted experiment of mixture of n-dodecane and selected hydrocarbon, which is compared to the same lumped mode. Other than this, some kinds of JP-8 surrogates are investigated in this research and illustrates that a relatively simple surrogates mixture is adequate to mimic the complex behavior of JP-8.
Farid (2005) conducted experiment of 2,7- dimethyl octane (2,7-DMO), a lightly branched isomer of decane, in Drexel PFR facility, to investigate the low temperature combustion. The effort resulted in an updated version of the 2,7-DME mechanism, improving some of the key features such as calculated CO2 profile and final yield of iso-butene over the

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