Chemical Reactions Lab Essay

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Classifying Chemical Reactions

Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to observe a variety of chemical reactions and to identify patterns in the conversion of reactants into products.
• Bunsen or lab burner -Test tube clamp
• Butane safety lighter - Test tube rack
• Evaporating dish - Wash bottle
• Forceps or crucible tongs - Wood Splints
• Heat resistant pad
• Litmus paper
• Pipets
• Spatula
• Test tubes
 Ammonium carbonate, 0.5g
 Calcium carbonate, 0.5g
 Copper chloride solution, 4mL
 Hydrochloric acid, 4mL
 Magnesium ribbon, 2-4 cm strips
 Phenolphthalein indicator, 1 drop
 Sodium hydroxide solution, 1mL
 Sodium phosphate solution, 1mL
 Water
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28. Record the observations in the data table.
Reaction 8)
29. Working in the hood or a designated work area, add about 1 mL of ethyl alcohol to a clean evaporating dish. Place the evaporating dish on a heat- resistant pad.
30. Cap the alcohol bottle and remove it from the work area.
31. Fill a test tube about 1/3 full with cold tap water for use in step 34.
32. Light a butane safety lighter and bring the flame close to the alcohol in the evaporating dish.
33. Turn off the safety lighter as soon as the alcohol ignites.
34. Place the test tube containing cold water in a test tube clamp and hold the test tube above the burning alcohol. Observe the outside of the test tube for evidence of product formation.
35. Allow the alcohol to burn until it is completely consumed.
36. Record observations in the data table.
Observations and Data:
Reaction Appearance of Reactants
1 It got really bright
2 It sizzled, bubbled, and it turned really hot
3 It kept getting smaller and smaller until there was nothing left
4 It sizzled, turned bubbly white, and made crackling noises
5 It broke apart and turned black
6 It looks gunk and blue. It has white stuff at the bottom
7 Turned a dark pink and felt a little cold
8 There was fire and when we put the water over the fire condensation appeared.

Questions and Problems:
1. Write a balanced chemical equation for each reaction #1-8. Classify each reaction using the information provided in the
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