P. M Song Research Paper

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I have lots of songs that I would consider my favorite. I know I’m not the only one when it comes to this. I have the craziest music on my phone and any Ipod I have ever had. This is because I simply listen to any kind of music out there. I enjoy the old rock as well as country and some pop. My all-time favorites are the old rock. I really can’t think of my all-time favorite of all the genres. I will have one for country, one for rock, and one for pop. This is because choosing one song for me is just too hard. My favorite for country is Every Storm Runs out of Rain, My favorite for rock would be The Highway to Hell, My favorite for pop would be See You Again. These all have very important reasons for being written but this is my input on how they helped me. I chose “Every storm runs out of rain”. This is because when my grandma passed away we played this song for her funeral. She was a very outgoing women when she was older. She had cancer most of the years she was alive and I had known her. This song reminds me a lot of her. I used to sit in the chair in the living room when I was younger and listen to her play the piano. This was my favorite part about …show more content…

This is another one of my favorites because we all have those really bad days. This is the song that gets me through those days. I simply could not make it without this song. This is what they call my head banging music. This is because when I am really upset and I’m ready to give up I remind myself hell is not where you belong. It isn’t always easy to get through the times that are the hardest. Most of the time it is some of the hardest things we will ever go through. When I have decided I have had enough and I want to give up this is the song that gets me back on track. There are too many reason why this song has kept me out of the darkness. Some days are harder than others and the days that are we can thank hard rock for getting us back to

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