P1 Equality, Diversity and Rights in Health and Social Care Level 3 a Level

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P1 equality,diversity and rights in health and social care level 3 a level

Equality, diversity and rights in health and social care.
Equality, diversity and rights in health and social care.

I will be explaining what equality, diversity and right mean in health social care I will start with the definition and then give an example for each different term.
Equality: ‘Some careers, and the people they care for, experience discrimination or harassment because of their age, disability or caring role, or for other reasons such as race, sex or sexual orientation’(www.nhs.uk). Discrimination can affect your work, cause problems in your other activities.
The equality act 2010 protects the rights of individuals and promotes equality of opportunity
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‘Article 14 Discrimination’ (bbc.co.uk). This tells us that no one has a right to discriminate against anyone for any reason including race, colour, religion, sex and many other reasons. ‘Protocol 1 article 1’ (bbc.co.uk). This is a right to your possessions everyone is entitled to their possessions. ‘Protocol 1 Article 2’ (bbc.co.uk) this is a right to an education, no one should be deprived of their education. ‘Protocol 1 Article 3’ (bbc.co.uk). This is the right to vote, everyone has the right to vote with the freedom of their expression.
‘Article 2 right to life’ (bbc.co.uk) everybody has a right to live their life without it being taken away and everyone should respect this towards other people as they have no right to take a life from anybody either. Nobody including the government can try to take your life and you can protect your life if it is at risk. it also requires an investigation into all deaths(liberty-human-rights.org.uk). if a doctor agreed to help you kill yourself because you was in a lot of pain they would be breaking your right to life.
‘Article 3 no torture, Inhuman or degrading treatment’ (liberty-human-rights.org.uk). No one should be tortured, abused, beaten, or treated in a degrading way everyone has a right to be treated as a human without being bullied or treated wrongly for example when you go in a hospital they have signs up to ask you no to abuse them as they are trying to
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