P5 Unit 9 Business Btec

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P5 - Design a promotional campaign for a given product/service to meet the needs of a given campaign/creative brief. In this assignment, I have a friend who is setting up a sandwich and snack bar to provide lunches for workers at a local industrial estate. To help him out I have agreed to design a promotional campaign. It is essential for this sandwich and snack bar to be located inside the local industrial estate. The sandwich/snack bar is aiming to provide lunch to the workers working at the industrial estate on a daily basis, which includes a seating area. To start of the new snack bar/sandwich bar, employees working at the snack bar would be handing out free samples of the fresh different flavoured sandwiches, Panini's, and samples…show more content…
This would include human abilities, process capabilities, financial resources, products and services, customer goodwill and brand loyalty. * Weaknesses - Weaknesses are the assets which would prevent the sandwich/snack bar from accomplishing their specific mission and achieving their full potential. These weaknesses decline influences on the organisations success and growth in the economy. Weaknesses in an organization may be a criticizing machinery, insufficient research and development facilities, narrow product range, poor decision-making, etc. However these are controllable which must be eliminated. An example of The sandwich/snack bars organisational weaknesses are huge debts, high employee turnover, complex decision making process, narrow product range, large wastage of raw materials, etc. The business must ensure that prices of sandwiches and other products are reasonable and affordable in order to ensure consistency in sales and to meet costs. * Opportunities - Opportunities are offered by the environment within which the sandwich/snack bar operates. These situations may rise when the sandwich/snack bar are taking benefit of conditions in its environment to plan and execute strategies that enable it to become more profitable. The sandwich/snack bar is able to achieve competitive advantage by making use of their given opportunities. However in occasions like this the sandwich/snack bar must be careful and recognize the opportunities and grasp them

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