PCA Data Analysis

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2. Select 2 significant indicators from health status, health resources or demographics PCA data that are known to contribute to the community problem you identified.
Include comparison data such as County or State data. Briefly explain how each indicator contributes to the community problem. Cite PCA source. (5 pt )

Infant mortality is of significance as it is used as a quality measure to assess the overall health status of a community (Arizona Health Matters, 2016). An indicator that can be directly linked to the rate of infant mortality is that of prenatal care as this has been identified to be the best preventative measure in regards to the prevention of infant mortality (Arizona Health Matters, 2016). Women who do not receive
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The San Luis, AZ rate of low-weight births is that of 59.7 per 1,000 births this rate is actually lower than the state rate of 70.6 per 1,000 births (San Luis PCA, 2016). Although this rate is lower than the state rate it still remains as a concern as the county wide rate did increase within 2 years (Arizona Health Matters, 2016). Given that low-birth weight, prenatal care, and infant mortality can be interconnected the lack of appropriate care and the rising trend in the delivery of low-weight births will impact the rate of infant mortality directly within the community.

3. Write one goal statement for a primary or secondary community health intervention for this problem and identify the level of prevention. (1.5 pt.) The goal is to decrease infant mortality in San Luis, AZ, as it remains to be at an increased level. This goal could be made attainable by integrating a primary level of prevention educational program that targets women in the reproductive age to educate them on the recommendations and purpose of obtaining early prenatal care and the possible complications that lack of prenatal care can lead to, therefore decreasing the rate of infant mortality within San Luis, AZ.

Write one measurable objective for an intervention that supports your goal. (2
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