Pablo Escobar Research Paper

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The life of Pablo Escobar is filled with drugs and death he was born December 1, 1949 and died December 2, 1993 in Medellin Colombia. Escobar would kill anyone who got in his way of becoming the world’s most powerful drug lord. He had a lot of wealth and fame. He was part of the Columbian Cartel and introduced cocaine to the United States. Escobar was the most violent leader of organized crime the world would ever see. He began his criminal career by stealing and selling gravestones in addition to being a marijuana dealer he also started smoking weed at an early age. In the mid 70’s he started his cocaine business. By 1975 he set up a drug deal with a drug boss who underestimated him and three weeks after doing the deal the known drug boss was found dead. Escobar expanded his business by bribing police and judges, he …show more content…

He would kidnap people and use hostages as bargaining. In 1991 to avoid extradition Escobar made a deal with the Colombian government and turn himself into a prison that he had designed and built himself. The prison was called La Catedral while in jail Escobar continued to run his business. Escobar was allowed to remain in the prison until he started executing members of his organization inside his prison who he thought had betrayed him. When the authorities decided to move Escobar to another prison due to the killings he fled for fear of extradition to the United States. Before long Escobar had become a target marked for death. The Search Bloc, a Unites States Trained Colombian task force and Los Pepes who were family members of Escobar victims launched the largest manhunt in history. Thus putting his own family lives at risks and into the hands of the enemy. Pablo Escobar was found on December 2, 1993 hiding in a home in Medellin where he was killed in a by the Colombian police and military. His reign ended in gun fire which killed

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