Pablo Picasso And Its Influence On Today's Art

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Throughout the course of history, people have aided in shaping the way we know everything today, George Washington fought to shape America, Rosa Parks fought for equal rights, and Isaac Newton came up with some of the scientific laws used to this day. Therefore, it is hard to think of art and not have thoughts of Pablo Picasso come to mind. Pablo Picasso was one of the many people who contributed to the artwork that has transitioned into what is now today's artwork. As a young child, Pablo Picasso, would almost always be seen hanging around his father, José Ruiz Blasco. His father was the professor of a arts and crafts school. In 1891 when Picasso was only fourteen he and his family moved to La Coruna, where they accepted him into a school…show more content…
The best fitting style of art to fit Pablo Picasso's artwork would have to be cubism, due to the fact that many of his paintings were created using squares instead of ‘natural’ shapes. Cubism also fits his style because, cubism was one of his most used styles, the majority of his paintings are abstract. In addition to all of this, he is most famous for all his cubism artworks. “When I paint a bowl, I want to show you that it is round, of course. But the general rhythm of the picture, its composition framework, may compel me to show the round shape as a square. When you come to think of it, I am probably a painter without style.” Pablo Picasso thought of himself as a painter who had no style, because he didn’t follow the ‘rules’. Through his cubism style, for example, he would want it to appear as a round bowl, but also give the painting the ability to appear to you as a square. He also believed that he had no style because as he put it “You can see me at this moment, but I have already changed, I am already somewhere else.”. What he meant by this is that as soon as he picked a style of artwork and you recognized it for that what it was, it was already too late because he had moved on to another. And this often change of ‘style’ is due to the fact that he doesn't want to be tied down, and only be able to create artwork in only a certain…show more content…
I like this artwork because it is simple, and it is not abstract. I like abstract artwork, but with a few of his artworks he took it so far that it was slightly difficult to understand what I was looking at. This artwork also appeals to me because of the colors he used, even though they are not natural colors that would be seen in a room, they look as if they belong with the room. The way he painted it is interesting because he has strokes that you can obviously see, which makes the painting 100 times more interesting to me. My favorite style of Pablo Picasso's paintings were his paintings from the blue period. I like his blue period artworks the most, foremost because as I said before sometimes his cubism bothers me. Secondly, the blue period better represents than any of his other artworks how he feels. During the blue period Pablo was going through a part of life where one of his closest friends attempted to kill his girlfriend. This backfired and she survived, but feeling guilty the man committed suicide, which obviously caused some depression in Picasso. He even explains later, “It was thinking about Casagemas that got me started painting in blue.” One of my other favorites paintings of his is “Le Gourmet” because it is a cute painting of a little child cooking
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