Pain And Suffering As Imperfect Humans Essay

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Pain and Suffering as Imperfect Humans
The big question on probably more people’s minds than we think would have to be something in the sense of why does God allow bad things to happen to good people? Why does evil even exist in this world? God is all powerful and all-knowing and still allows evil in the world, why? I personally have always felt that bad things happen to good people because God knows that we as human beings are resilient. God feels that we can handle more than we feel that we can. When bad things occur and we prevail and overcome then we as human beings become stronger and even more resilient than we once thought we were or thought we could be. God gives you more than you can handle in hopes that you never lose faith in Him and give to Him to assist you and be there for you in your times of need and suffering. As I write this paper though, it makes me question why I think this way and if this way of thinking is correct. I wonder where this thought process of mine came from. Was this taught to me or just something that I learned through life experiences. I am not one that believes in being closed minded and therefore I attempt to keep an open mind to other individuals points of view and thought processes. Because of this, I feel as if I am capable of understanding other points of views and able to incorporate them in my thought processes as well. This includes understanding individuals who believe that there is no God at all and that this is why

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