Pain Is Unpleasant But Necessary Which Show Us The Sign

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Pain is unpleasant but necessary which show us the sign of danger, preventing us from harming ourselves (Grayson,2016). It is an actual or potential tissue damage that causes unpleasant sensory and feeling defined as pain from the International Association for the Study of Pain (Cox, 2015). Griensven (2014) had stated that pain occurs commonly in our life and it act as early sign of possible harm, alerts those people that experiencing danger and the caution to withdraw from the situation. Pain often causes problem to those people who live with it and indirectly affects the families and our society. The pain that my patient having was acute pain which were at post insertion of abdomen pigtail site for 1 week and post open reduction…show more content…
Furthermore,Asmundson and Crombez (2004) had shown that there are a variety of fears that had been through by the patient which also shown by my patient when having pain. For example, one of the fears that presented by my patient is functional problem where causing her unable to perform activities and always on the bed. Besides that, financial problem is one of the concern of the patient due to the patient worried that if she administered the medication every time having pain will cause the bills sky-high and social and family problem that the patient unable to see their friends and might become the burden to the family members. Volovska (2016) highlighted that it is essential to use an appropriate assessment tools when evaluating patient’s pain to monitor whether the therapy that patient received is effective for early detection of regression.
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