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Palace Walk - Diverse Communities Project

This essay will take a look into how patriarchal power manifests’ itself in the family and in the larger society, what its effects are upon the women, men, boys and girls in the book ‘Palace Walk’ (N, Mahfouz 1991). By taking a look into the significant responses that the Egyptians have had to British colonial power and how patriarchal power is in conflict with core Islamic values. It will also divulge into what the key ideas are of Muslim thinkers who are working to reduce the impact that patriarchy has on the practice of Islam. By using the book Palace Walk (N, Mahfouz 1991) this essay will delve into how the Egyptians respond to the British colonial power. By looking into theories such as ‘women and power’ the oppression of women and learnt behaviours that lead them to being oppressed

Patriarchy is a social system; males are the superior gender and have authority over females who are the subordinate gender. However within patriarchy there are hierarchies. This means that not only do men have a higher position then women but also over other men of which are usually younger. In a patriarchal family the men hold authority over women, children, and property. A woman who is attached to an upper-class man has a better life in a material sense than lower-class men and women, but she may be physically or emotionally abused. If she displeases her father or husband she can find herself relegated almost overnight to a life of poverty or

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