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Role of Women in Salih’s “Season of Migration to the North”
In the Season of Migration to the North, Tayeb Saih portrays the heavy issues of sexism and colonialism through the role of women. The book not only informs its readers of the stereotypical gender roles, but it also illustrates the truth behind colonialism as a conquest of a people often enslaving them mentally and leaving them empty. According to this lens, the gender roles of men like Mustafa Sa’eed and Wad Rayyes represent the colonizers who ravish the colonized (personified by the female characters). Salih’s men are primarily sexual beings who see women as theirs to conquer while the women are meant to be subservient to sexual conquest.
In Mustafa Sa’eed’s world, love is a
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We can see this with his relationship with Isabella Seymour. Isabella is married to a successful surgeon and has two children. Up to this point she has had eleven years of happy marriage. However, then we see her uphold a submissive relationship with Mustafa. He seduces her with presents, honey words, and an untiring way of seeing things as they really are. Then we have Ann on the other hand, Mustafa explicitly lied to Ann and mentally enslaved her with words of seduction and stories of the South. Telling her that they would marry so that she would have sex with him. Soon, his bedroom became a graveyard and also an execution room (pg.29). Her last words “Mr. Sa’eed, May God Damn You” were words of the last resort that informed the readers that Mustafa not only had conquered her physically, but as well as spiritually. Submission does not mean ignorance; both Isabella and Ann realized in one way or the other that they were the controlled party or the prey, but they had been lost in the world of Mustafa and could not attain freedom.
Nevertheless, Mustafa Sa'eed's relationship with Jean Morris is different from all the other relationships he had with other woman. Most importantly this relationship is different as it is the only relationship retold in which Mustafa is not in control at all times. In this relationship Mustafa starts out the hunter, turns into the prey and finally becomes a mixture of both hunter and prey
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