Daughters Of The North By Sarah Hall

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In a world where male-dominance is the standard for societies, there will always be a group of the subdominant gender that is looking to change the way that society functions, to achieve equality. However, opposers to the form sometimes head towards the extremes and surpass equality, only to achieve dominance. In Sarah Hall’s novel, Daughters of the North, she follows the protagonist, Sister, on her journey away from the dystopian, patriarchal society of England to an off-the-charts, female-only commune, named Carhullan. Sister dreams of a matriarchal, utopian community that is far different than the city she had left; however, what she finds is that Carhullan is not necessarily better, but simply ruled by a different, dominant gender. All in all, this paper argues that matriarchal societies are not superior to, but rather an inversion of patriarchal societies. For those who are unaware, a patriarchy is defined as a society that is “male-dominated, male-identified, male-centered, and control-obsessed character” (Johnson 73); whereas, a matriarchy, is a society that is female-dominated and female-identified - the exact opposite of a patriarchy. In her novel, Daughters of the North, Sarah Hall describes a post-apocalyptic England, where the citizens, especially the women, become stripped of their basic rights. The country is ravaged by a foreign war and economic collapse, becoming dependent on rationing food, controlling reproduction, and maintaining order at all costs.
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