Palestinian Conflict In Israel

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The only Jewish state in the world is called Israel. It was originally called Palestine, but was renamed Israel when part of it was given to the Israelis. However Palestinians weren’t happy when some of their land was given away, and that started a conflict. That’s what the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is about, who gets the land. Israel used to be a Jewish state, so there are lots of places that are very meaningful to Jews. During the 1930’s many Jews were fleeing from Hitler and a lot of them moved to Palestine, for safety; meanwhile in Europe people were starting to think Jews needed a homeland, they thought that it would be good to put it in Palestine since their ancestors used to live there. The U.N. decided to split Palestine up between Palestinians and Israelis; unfortunately it didn’t go as well as planned and there were many wars over the land. Right now there are high tensions between the two groups; neither group likes the current situation, but neither one wants to change it. The creation of Israel could have been handled better, had there been more thought about where and how to create Israel.
When Palestine was split up between Israelis and Palestinians, it was not split up fairly. There was at least half, if not more given to Israelis, however the Palestinians had twice the number of people. “The Partition Plan allocated approximately 55% of the land of historic Palestine to the Jewish state and just 42% to the Arab state... at the time, Arabs comprised about

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